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5 Ways to Show Employees You Care

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You Care About Your Employees, Here Are 5 Easy Ways to Show It.

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1. Thank You, Please
The concepts of "please" and "thank you" are often undervalued as simply a cultural nicety. The absence won't necessarily leave someone cold—but employing these words can tap into something deep, giving more value to the request or gratitude. Taking your sought after time to handwrite a note or card means a lot! Adding a $5 or $10 Starbucks card goes a long way.

2. Surprise, Surprise
Throwing a big event requires difficult calendaring and extensive organization, but everything you do doesn't need to be huge. A little, spontaneous show of appreciation can be perceived as more authentic than a giant display even though the effort going into it may be less. For instance, you can surprise your team by highlighting an employee's recent success during a meeting or acknowledge someone's hard work in an impromptu conversation with a group of peers.


3. The Way to the Heart
The heart and the stomach are closely connected. Bringing food for your employees from time to time is a great way to show your appreciation. Something basic like the occasional bagel breakfast is a small way to remind your staff that you recognize their hard work.

4. Win-Win
Specific sincere positive feedback on a regular basis is one of the greatest ways to show an employee that you care. Telling someone they're great is a nice thing to say, but it doesn't last very long. Specific feedback encourages behaviors that are helpful for your business, and the individuals hearing it. When you do something well, it's always better when someone recognizes the value of what you've done. Look for ways to shine a light on a measurable specific element of a job as opposed to a general "job well done."

5. Recognize Special Days
Celebrating special days in the office are good excuses to acknowledge individuals on your team. Everyone has a birthday, and these are great ways to make sure each person is recognized at least once a year for no other reason than just being themselves . It does not have to be just standard birthdays. Find ways to celebrate days that are special to them such as graduations, first home purchase, engagements and even Boxing Day. There are some office holidays that are ways to spotlight different staff members:

  • April 21 - Administrative Professionals Day
  • First Monday in September - International Workers' Day/Labor Day
  • October 15 - Boss's Day
  • November 11 - Veterans Day
  • First Friday in March - Employee Appreciation Day
  • First Friday in March - National Salesperson Day
  • First Friday in April - National Walk to Work Day
  • April 1 - International Fun at Work Day
  • October 2 - National Custodial Workers Recognition Day


High Tech Installation

High tech is a driver of innovation, provider of jobs, and inspiration for students. That's why CommNexus of San Diego began "EvoNexus".

As CEO Rory Moore explains: "CommNexus devised a plan to re-energize the San Diego tech sector through the creation of EvoNexus, a totally pro-bono, community supported incubator. Community support was the key element to this new incubator business model."

As a San Diego based company, MyOffice was eager to jump in and help create local jobs. "MyOffice was an early believer in this unique initiative and their support has been extremely helpful," said Moore. "The incubator has enjoyed great success so far, it is the support the organization receives from MyOffice and other key service providers that continues to make the difference."

In a recent project, Evo opened a new downtown campus. The building was donated by the Irvine Company and designed by Gensler, a San Diego Architecture firm. The space needed cabling installed and MyOffice was excited to pitch in and donate time and resources to support the cause.

"MyOffice went the extra mile to design and deliver the cleanest cable tray install possible for the projects' open ceiling system," noted Gensler Project Manager Nicholas Willis.

MyOffice is always proud to lend a hand to nonprofits like EvoNexus--especially when it draws upon our strengths and helps to provide support to our local community. Thanks for letting us be a part of it!

High Tech

High Tech

High Tech

High Tech

High Tech

High Tech

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