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Changing or moving your office can be

overwhelming. We make it easy!

About Us

MyOffice provides world-class services and equipment to clients across the country in almost every industry.

Business, education, healthcare, government and retail industries. Our team of professionals guarantee exceptional performance on every project, for every client from a single office reconfiguration to a complete business relocation. Our years and range of experiences and ongoing investment in our people, our staff training, our new equipment and our organized warehouse space ensures a consistently high level of service to every customer.

MyOffice Core Values:

Make Great Results Happen. Always.
It's how we show up, every day; we are committed to doing what it takes to deliver great results, every time.

I'm In. Willing To Go The Extra Mile
I want to be here, you can count on me.

Make It A Better Place
Enjoying what we are doing, smiling, knowing we are making our lives and the lives of others better with every interaction.

Genuine: To Myself, My Team & My Customer
I am authentic with my thoughts, my words, and my actions.

Personal Growth & Learning
I am open and enthusiastic about learning and growing both personally and professionally and am actively engaged in the process.

Create Enjoyment
I am creating enjoyment in everything I do and everyone I engage.


From Our CEO...

We've been a good company for over 20 years. We've earned good customers and we've won numerous awards.

We’re appreciative of the good. But we want to be great.

In 2007 we began building the foundation. We started by embracing the book, “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. We've gone through Franklin Covey Time, Task and Project Management training, and adopted a C.E.S. culture. We've invested in a web site, new CRM / ERP software and the computers and servers to run it all.

With this, our leadership team developed best practices for every aspect of our business and an implementation plan to take us from good to great.

We look forward to sharing all of this with you, our customers, and all of the great people we will meet throughout the upcoming year.

Proud To Support

MyOffice is proud to participate in these organizations.

The Integrated Workspace Experts. Back to Business. No Headaches. Guaranteed.

  • No Juggling Acts - work with 1 vendor for everything.
  • No Mis-Communication - Investments in culture, systems, and people mean you'll get the right information at the right time.
  • No Surprises - Proven systems mean you'll get predictable results - every time.
  • No Saying "No" - Customized plans fit your unique needs.


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