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Five Tools to Get You Off Facebook and Back to Work

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

By: Cayley Harrell
Distractions at work can get in the way of deadlines, make people rush to get things finished and, in the process, decrease the quality of the product. Get off the internet and get back to work with these five tools:


1. SaentSaent is a small, white button that you physically place on your desk. It connects to your computer via bluetooth and turns off any distracting apps that you tell it to, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can even tell Saent how long or how often you want to block out sites. The button is fully programmable and it tracks your workflow habits and progress. 


2. BossySimilar to Saent, Bossy is a button that goes on your desk. It is customizable as well; you can choose which sites you want to block for periods of time. Unlike Saent, Bossy can also be programmed to tell you when to eat, make a call, stand up to stretch, and much more. Not only does it block out your distractions, but it keeps you on track and healthy. 


3. ConcentrateThis is an app you can purchase for a Mac computer. When the app is opened, it asks you to choose which sites you will need to complete the task you are working on and blocks out the rest. It will completely eliminate any distractions until your work is finished. 


4. is both an app and a website, so it is accessible on almost any device. Through, you can create an interactive to-do list to make sure you get your work done on time. The website features a daily planner that alerts you when tasks need to be completed, a notification center to stay updated, sharing capabilities if you have a group project and file uploads and comments to interact with group members.


5. Strict WorkflowThis is an extension to Google Chrome. It allows for a 25 minute/ 5 minute workflow. This means that for 25 minutes, you cannot use websites that are designated as distractions. After the 25 minute period, you will receive a 5 minute break and gain back full access to these sites. 


So next time you find yourself distracted at work, try one of these tools to get you back on track. Your boss can thank you later!  

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