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CCTV & Door Access Control


CCTV & Door Access Control Systems Services

 Why Do We Need a CCTV System?

Get the protection and reassurance your company needs with one of our state-of-the-art CCTV systems. Whether you run a small office or Fortune 500 company, CCTV is a crucial component in your overall security plan.  

Thanks to modern technology, a CCTV system, installed to protect your company, is now easier to operate and more affordable than ever. Many studies have shown the effectiveness of CCTV systems as a superior crime-deterrent, and due to the positive impact that CCTV has had on thousands of businesses – ask any business owner or manager and they will surely tell you that they can’t operate without one.

What are the Benefits of a CCTV System?

CCTV systems provide a wide range of benefits that will impact everything from your bottom line to the physical safety of your employees.


  • Vigilance in an automated fashion
  • User-friendly software for perpetrator/license plate/area recognition
  • Real-time recording of your premises, 24/7/365
  • Day and night color surveillance
  • Protect parking lots, interior and exterior of buildings
  • Able to alert security alarm centers when trouble or motion is spotted
  • Reduction of false-accident reports
  • Reduction of insurance premiums
  • CD/DVD burner capability for review by authorities
  • Solid evidence should an incident occur
  • Ability to review cameras from anywhere in the world
  • View cameras from any smart-device
  • Video analytics


CCTV Services and Products Offered


  • Digital Video Recording Systems (DVR)
  • Network Video Recording Systems (NVR)
  • Video Analytics
  • Various styles & models of cameras, including fixed lens, vari-focal, and PTZ
  • Remote video monitoring
  • Off-site video monitoring
  • Keyboard controllers, power supplies, secure cabinets, software and more


Door Access Control Systems

If you’re ready to take control of who is coming and going on your premises, then you need to consider a quality Door Access Control System for your company. Protect your company and stop the constant changing of locks and the re-issuing of access keys. Door access is another crucial component in your security plan and should not be overlooked, no matter the size of your company.


Benefits of Door Access Control Systems

By having the ability to control who is allowed entry into specific areas of your company, you will have peace of mind, knowing that when your employees or visitors are unattended, they will not gain access to unauthorized areas.


Some of the many benefits of door access control include:

  • Restriction of access to different areas of your building
  • Staff accountability – who enters/exits where and when
  • Generates audit trail for management and security
  • Provides protection for your employees on many levels
  • Use of FOBs, cards, biometrics, finger, palm retina and voice
  • Provides protection of your most valuable assets
  • Protection of data centers and network operation centers
  • Optimizes productivity within the workplace
  • Use with CCTV system with same software interface
  • Minimal overall cost with using systems together
  •  Complete safe work site with turnkey solution of pairing CCTV system, Access Control system and/or link with 3rd party monitoring security system
  • Minimal cost for maintenance and upkeep


Can You Afford Not To Have This Kind Of Security?

With a full range of CCTV and Door Access Control Systems available, has the perfect security solution for your company, big or small.

Call us today for a free quote and we’ll be more than happy to have our highly experienced CCTV and Access Control specialists work out the ideal plan for your company. 

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