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Curve of Growth

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

There comes a time in your life when a door opens and a new opportunity arises. Ninety percent of that time, you should take that opportunity full force. Run towards that opportunity like a bull runs toward the red cloth. Go hard, Give it your all, and Don’t look back. For if we are not growing, or learning, we become stagnant. We become bored. We lose the meaning to our life and we become seemingly unhappy. Learning something new every day should not be a passive action that just-so-happens to take place. It should be something that we search for; that we are determined to make happen. I can’t think of an instance where further developing the mind was something I, personally, regretted.

So we go ahead and jump on the new opportunity that has made its way to the fore front of life. We tapped into our inner strength, courage, confidence only to be confronted with feelings of insecurity. This new position is hard. The tasks are daunting. Stuff you’ve never done before. That’s OK. That’s the process of learning. In terms of learning and growing, we can measure our productivity based on a chart called The Curve of Growth. We start in the middle and dip down before we can begin to rise. The Curve of Growth represents the hard work and potential feelings of discomfort that we have to put in before becoming comfortable with what we are in the process of learning. Opposite of The Curve of Growth is The Curve of Addiction which we often have on auto-pilot. The Curve of Addiction relates to taking the easy route and staying in our comfort zone rather than breaking out of bad habits to become better all around. When we are faced with an opportunity to grow, we should take it. Take the opportunity and learn how to properly enact it. Make the necessary positive changes that are in order instead of sticking to something you are used to. Go through the hard work and dip to reap the benefits that come along with hard work.

With any new position The Curve of Growth is present. Before your productivity and success can skyrocket, it will dip down. Dip down to a deeper place of uncertainty. Allow yourself to feel humbled by the process of learning and growing and accept it for what it is. Stick it out, give yourself a break, take things slow, learn the new material, learn it right and then take a few deep breaths. For everyone the Curve of Growth takes the same shape but the time it takes each person from the dip to the rise differs depending on each person’s unique traits and personality. The point is, take the opportunity knowing there will be a dip in productivity, mood, confidence, but only for a little. Once the position is understood fully, your confidence will rise; even higher than before. Humans enjoy learning and mastering new tasks, that’s how we grow. The more we can learn and grow, the better off we will be. The brain should never be left stagnant, it wants to be challenged and filled with more information.


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