Changing or moving your office can be

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Office Sound and Audio / Visual Systems

When it comes to your office sound system, or more complex audio / visual systems, MyOffice looks at how your company utilizes technology to further your core business. Our team gets to know how your company works, then recommends how new technologies can support your existing work practices. New technologies should enforce your proven processes, not force you to change what's always worked for you. We also partner with leading audio / visual product manufacturers to offer the most effective technologies at consistently affordable prices.

Equipment Includes

  • Flat Panel Displays
  • Projectors/Screens
  • Amplifiers
  • Speakers
  • Universal Remotes
  • Automation Systems
  • Receivers
  • DVD Players
  • Video Cassette Recorders
  • Equalizers
  • Microphones
  • Mixers
  • Portable Audio Systems 

Walk Up and Use Technologies

Our core strength is the integration of architecture, furniture and technology. We emphasize "walk up and use" technologies. More than 50 percent of work meetings are spontaneous. You need products so intuitively designed that they require no prior training, and work with whatever operating system employees are currently using. So, next time a valuable creative brainstorm envelops your employees, your audio visual technology can easily capture these valuable ideas. In essence, your employees can "plug-in, create and communicate."

Audio / Video in Business

From conference rooms to planning areas, to war rooms and training facilities needing sound masking, MyOffice understands the unique applications of audio / visual in business environments.

  • System Design and Installation
  • Turnkey Presentation Rooms
  • Boardroom Facilities
  • Audio/Visual Conferencing Systems
  • Computer and Video Displays
  • Lighting and Environmental Controls
  • Sound and Microphone Systems
  • Government Facilities
  • Communication Solutions
  • Command and Control Centers
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Training Rooms
  • Remote Control Systems
  • Conference Room Scheduling Systems
  • Maintenance & Insurance Programs

Technical Support and Training

The average worker needs to learn to operate a new machine, software program or hardware configuration every 18 months or less. MyOffice will guide you in supporting dynamic learning across all teams in your company. When designing conference rooms, our team thinks in terms of "planning a wall" versus simply "adding a whiteboard." We also understand the challenges of a diversified workforce. We'll help ensure successful collaboration between tech-savvy, Gen-Y employees and Baby Boomers with traditional working styles. 

Current Product Lines


The Integrated Workspace Experts. Back to Business. No Headaches. Guaranteed.

  • No Juggling Acts - work with 1 vendor for everything.
  • No Mis-Communication - Investments in culture, systems, and people mean you'll get the right information at the right time.
  • No Surprises - Proven systems mean you'll get predictable results - every time.
  • No Saying "No" - Customized plans fit your unique needs.


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