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Ergonomics: Fitness Balls in the Office

Tuesday, April 29, 2014



A very common and healthy current workplace trend is ergonomics. Companies and employers are spending the extra dollars to provide their team with furniture and equipment that reduces the negative effects of sitting in an office all day. The term ergonomic comes from the Greek word ergon meaning work and nomos meaning natural laws. Literally meaning working with equipment that fits your human anatomy and natural movements. Continually, Ergonomics is the science of understanding interactions among humans and other elements in a system. Ergonomic furniture focuses on creating furniture that aids in proper posture and equipment that fits the workers natural needs.

With the increase of people and articles discussing the topic of health risks correlated to sitting improperly all day, investing in ergonomic furniture has become the norm. Focusing on alleviating negative health risks has become of much importance.  With health risks of sitting becoming more and more prominent in people’s minds, solutions have also been a major focus. Along with spending the big bucks on ergonomic chairs, the Stability Ball has become a popular workplace trend where you can work out while you work. Instead of feeling sluggish from sitting uncomfortably and unnaturally all day, the stability ball promotes active sitting.

Working for MyOffice, Inc., a Corporate Relocation Firm that specializes in Furniture Installation, we are constantly learning about and aware of new furniture ideas and workplace trends. We are constantly perfecting our own office and helping other offices with Space Analysis through discovering the furniture best suited for each company along placement location to maximize production, collaboration, and personal space. All of these factors help to improve and increase ROI. When your team of co-workers and employees are happy to be at work their productivity increases. Having furniture that reduces health risks will improve the overall positive energy in an office space. Knowing that your company is invested in your health increases the positive energy of individuals.

If your health is at risk each day you come to work sitting in uncomfortable chairs than you are not as likely to be excited about the idea of coming into work each day.

After doing some research through the 4myoffice twitter page through conversations with ergonomic companies and office workplace trend pages, we found that if you are going to use a stability ball in efforts to prevent the negative effects of sitting all day, you must be conscious about having proper posture in order to maintain the ergonomics of the body’s natural laws.

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