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Transition Management

There’s no headache like dealing with several vendors on a time-critical project.

Are you facing a major relocation project? The daunting task of managing a transition can easily overwhelm you. You need to maintain focus on your daily work load, not handle the myriad details that come with a major transition project. If you are feeling crushed by the prospect of managing your project alone – don’t panic! Most businesses don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to properly managing a large-scale relocation. That’s where a MyOffice transition consultant can help. 

Why hire a transition consultant?  There’s more to corporate relocation management than simply moving from point A to point B. The typical relocation project entails an average of 2,800 extra hours of time to manage move-related tasks. The cost to your business in downtime and lost productivity if the move doesn’t go well far outweighs the cost of bringing in a relocation professional. 

MyOffice will organize project details, minimize disruptions to workflow, and save your company time and money. Our goal is that your employees leave the office knowing exactly what to expect from the relocation and arrive as normal on Day One ready to work – as if you never moved at all. 

Take a look at our services and process for yourself. We know there is something that we can help you with during your move!  


Transition Management Services Snapshot

Needs Analysis Project Management
On-Site Inventories Post-Project Follow Up
Phasing & Migration Planning & Forecasting
Schedule Management Full Service Relocation Management 

Services and Benefits

Moving your company can be an intimidating prospect. MyOffice’s transition team specializes in handling office relocations, making your job easier and making you look good once the project is complete. Communication and organization are the keys to a successful project. Below are some of the benefits that come with bringing on board our transition management service.

One point of contact

  • You will have one person dedicated to your project. One person filtering multiple aspects of your project ensures better communication and coordination between pieces that may otherwise be out of sync. This can be especially useful if MyOffice is providing multiple lines of service as it provides one manager for several pieces of your project.

 Maintain positive employee relationships

  • Moving is stressful. A time of flux can create tension between otherwise friendly individuals. Bringing in a third party creates a more positive workplace dynamic and helps maintain healthy internal relationships during, and more importantly, after the move is complete.

 Save time and money

  • Preparing for a move is a full time job. You already have a full time job, why have two? MyOffice can work as an integrated team member with your company to take on many of the move-related details that would otherwise consume your valuable time. This leaves you the ability to focus on your high priority day to day items.

 Custom planning

  • Every company is different. Therefore, every project is different. We work with you to understand your culture and priorities. This custom approach ensures we are the best partner possible in your transition. We will meet your needs and expectations during a time of significant change, setting you up for success in the long term.


Our Process

Depending on your in-house capabilities, your company may need assistance with some or all of the services listed below in order to smoothly and successfully manage your upcoming transition. We are able to provide as much help as you need, working hand in hand with you and your team to implement and oversee these tasks.

Change Management

  • Assist in Preparing Staff for Changes in Workplace Environment
  • Manage Staff Expectations for a Smooth Day One

Move Coordinator Management

  • Run Move Coordinator Meetings
  • Develop and Manage Communications to Move Coordinator Team

File Drawer Coordination

  • File Inventory
  • Develop and Implement Current and New File Labeling System
  • Draft Initial File Assignments for Destination

Clean-Up Campaign

  • Develop and Implement Clean-Up Schedule
  • Manage Changes to File Inventory as Clean-Up Occurs
  • Schedule Extra Shred/Purge Bins as Required

Specialized Area Management

  • Meet with Specialized Area Teams to Develop Relocation Plan

From/To List

  • Create From/To Format
  • Maintain From/To Prior to Move
  • Tracking and Communicating Changes

Move Management

  • Coordinate Logistics with Building Management and Other Vendors
  • Develop and Manage Move Schedule
  • Pre-Printed Labels
  • Provide eCrates for Packing
  • Mover Assistance with Packing
  • Manage Day One Task List
  • Oversee Move Weekend Activities

 We have also put together a comprehensive relocation checklist for your use in planning your project. 

See our list of Transition Management FAQ's.

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 “Thank you for the superb job you did in leading our office move. From the initial scoping to the close of the project, your team was incredibly thorough and thoughtful every step of the way. It was comforting knowing that we could count on MyOffice to provide expert knowledge in all areas related to our project, i.e. furniture, cabling, and project management to name a few."

-Operations Manager
Red Door Interactive

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  • No Juggling Acts - work with 1 vendor for everything.
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