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Important Factors to Consider in Business-Based Security Systems

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

When setting up or beginning a new business (or moving an existing one) security is of utmost importance – regardless of what type of business you’re in. Security protocol must always be carefully planned and budgeted, and an important factor cannot be overlooked or simply left to chance. Common knowledge, right?

All business owners want to prevent corporate loss as a result of internal or external crime. Many lose sleep over it. The type of business that you’re running will often contribute to your overall security budget and what factors need to be considered when setting up your security systems including access, alarms, and all that good stuff. The location of your business should also be taken into consideration when determining what type of security system is required – and what type of value your business and property includes. Businesses that deal in high-valued items typically require a lot more security than, say, a simple office. All of these factors need to be considered when weighing your option for onsite security protocol.

Having a security system in place prevents a lot more than just potential theft. A good security system can help prevent vandalism and violence, which are important issues in any business, and having a good security system can aid in locating the perpetrators, should something actually happen, as well as secure convictions in a court setting for any crimes that may have occurred on or off premises.

Since a lot of theft takes place from inside the workplace, a good security system can also limit the potential of employee theft and fraud. Key cards can grant access to employees that need to work in more secure locations and keep other prying eyes out. Having a key card system in place enables management to limit access to restricted, higher security areas with little effort, and carefully monitoring these areas can contribute to overall workplace safety and accountability. Restricted access can be as simple as setting up electronic key cards. If more control is required, bio-technology can scan fingerprints and/or eyes and to allow access to certain employees while restricting access to others.

Another integral part of overall workplace security is a complete video surveillance system. Having cameras in place often prevents crime before it happens – and it can lead to swift action if theft or vandalism has actually taken place. This allows management to carefully monitor workplace safety from the comfort of their own offices (or homes) and keep an eye on areas of the building that are open to the general public.

Having an alarm system in place can make contacting the police and rescue personnel a lot easier in case of a real emergency. Having these systems on in real-time makes reporting potential incidents a breeze and can aid the authorities in investigations and ultimate arrests. 

Before investing in a security system for your business, make a list of things that are important to your business’ daily activities and take all of those factors into consideration before reaching out and making an investment. Once all of the information is in place, business owners can make an informed decision based on what’s best for their business overall and they can rest easier knowing that their investment in their company is in good hands – on and off of the clock.

MyOffice specializes in a wide array of security solutions for all businesses, small to large. For a free security consultation, contact us today and we’ll figure out what’s best for your budget and situation. 

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