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Executing Premier Installations: talking with Chris Hart of Sharp

Thursday, February 28, 2013

How to Make a Projector Work for You

Most offices have long considered projectors to be standard conference room tools. As technology continues to move forward, however, how many offices have progressed in how they utilize projectors during meetings, presentations and training sessions?

Over the last few years, technology advancements have made projector usage more versatile than ever before. One such update is the development of wireless technologies. Using a wireless connection, users can connect easily to the projector as well as have multiple presenters without having to trade seats to connect a wire.

As portable tablets and smart phones become more prevalent as business tools, new technologies make it possible to connect those to projectors, as well. Connecting a smart phone or tablet to a projector gives the user access to any apps that might be on the device--opening up many new and flexible presentation possibilities.

Projectors today display crisper, brighter imagery while using less technology. As growth in this industry occur we expect conference rooms to become more and more interactive, with the projector at the hub of activity (even 3D!). For more info on how an updated projector can make your office better, contact MyOffice.


Executing Premier Installations: Talking with Chris Hart of Sharp

Building a State-of-the-Art Meeting Room
Access to a state-of-the-art conference room is one of the many benefits networking group Corporate Alliance offers its members. When they decided to build a new membership facility called "The Hub," in San Diego they reached out to Chris Hart at Sharp USA. Together with Corporate Alliance, Chris planned to furnish the room with three 47" Sharp displays and a 70" Aquos Board. The touchscreen Aquos board would replace a standard projector/screen setup and makes it easier to share the information displayed during a presentation.

High-Tech Meeting Rooms Require High-Tech Installers
Hart chose MyOffice as the installer on the job because he knew they could deliver--but more so, because he knew MyOffice would be on point to support the project beyond the initial installation.

Sharp and MyOffice: A Winning Combination
The combination of product knowledge and professional installation offered by the Sharp/MyOffice team guaranteed Corporate Alliance their high level meeting room on-time and as planned.

Hart pointed out the benefit of the partnership, "By using MyOffice in collaboration with Sharp, Corporate Alliance was provided with the quality of a national brand, and the hands on relationship of a local installation and support team."

Would your next installation benefit from a professional, support-focused partner? Contact MyOffice and learn more.


Recent Work

In June, MyOffice installed more than 100 Tresco monitors and over 75 high-end consoles Tennessee Valley Authority in Knoxville, TN. With the expertise of Jesus Alvarado, Allen Young and Sergio Marquez, the job was completed in a remarkable 3.5 weeks. Tresco, a Canadian based console manufacturer, uses MyOffice exclusively for installations.

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