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Thursday, October 31, 2013

It’s inevitable, mostly. A time will come when your business starts sprouting faster than a tomato plant in July. And just like that tomato plant, it’s nothing short of a blessing, and a disaster. What do you do now? It’s growing outside of the available space we have for it. But we want more tomatoes, of course, and you want more employees and offices. So you’ll have to face reality and start to get real serious, real fast, about your office relocation plans. This should probably already have been brought up in a board room, because if you’re growing, you’re making money and can afford to move. You just need to accomplish the move with as little disruption to day-to-day operations as possible. 

Moving an office (or company) is certainly going to be several levels of more complication than a typical, domestic move. Chances are, this may be your first move, and you’re absolutely unsure how it’s going to happen. Rest assured, you’re not alone and many others have been in the same spot. Keep calm, there are methods to this!

Also, since this is probably your first ever office move, you probably think that you have the manpower, logistics and organization to potentially get it done yourself. And as much as we applaud your efforts…well, let’s just say we won’t say “I told you so” when you call. 

Listen, we say that with the utmost respect, of course (and a little bit of teasing). But this is not a training drill – this is the real deal. When you’re ready to flip your entire office upside down and move it down the street or to another city, there are about a thousand and three things that will probably go wrong in the process, should you attempt it with in-house worker drones.

Calling an office mover company is also not a great option, as we’ll explain below. What you need to focus on is finding a solid, reputable office relocation specialist to plan your move. Not only will it save you time, but it will also save you sleepless nights, tons of money, and probably earn you more than one pat on the back from your bosses. 

The difference between legitimate, office relocation companies and local office movers is that the regular old movers simple take care of moving your furniture, office supplies and equipment and setting it up at your new location. Office relocation specialists, like MyOffice, will actually manage all of that and plan your move down to what seems like the most insignificant detail, and provide a near seamless transition from old to new. That’s what you’re looking for, and that’s what will get you from A to B in the most cost-efficient and organized manner. Don’t take our word for it – we have testimonials galore from big companies who found out they couldn’t have done it without us. 

If possible, plan your move during the “slow season” for your business. Depending on what your business does or sells, this may or may not be possible, but it’s recommended. Usually most companies have a time of year that they are generally slower. Naturally, this will help reduce disruption among your workforce. 

If you have your “go-time” date already planned, then it’s probably time to start prepping. Always make sure you let your workers know in plenty of time that you plan on moving. Please, don’t surprise them. This is just as emotional for them as it is for management and above. This is obviously especially important if you’re moving to another city or town, as it will directly impact your employees lives as it will change travel times and other routines. This will give employees that can’t follow the new location plenty of time to secure other employment. 

Once your employees are well-informed and you have everyone’s minds on the same page, it’s time to get your department leadership involved in the process by having them take inventory of supplies and equipment, including computers down to paperclips. Utilize this rare opportunity to junk the old stuff that you know you won’t be using any longer at the new location. This will also lessen the burden of moving so much stuff. Did you have all new computer monitors in the budget this year? Perfect. Think of how much less you’ll have to move if you don’t have to haul the old ones with you? Things like that can really make a difference. 

Speaking of computers, you’ll definitely need to be in perfect sync with your internal (or external) IT people. Make sure they can come into your existing location and know your setup, back up what needs to be backed up and have them able to come in on the day you open at your new location and get everything up and running for your employees – as they will expect their workstations and routines to be ready for them to work. Make sure you have charted out where everyone will sit, and if you have new plans on rearranging office’s or departments, now would be the time to seal that in wax and commit to it. The last thing you want to do is rearrange once you arrive to your new location. 

Being prepared for everything is what MyOffice will assist with. Moving an office, especially a large one, is a very large project, and even with the best of intentions, things can go wrong. A genuine office relocation specialist, like MyOffice, will all but eliminate typical problems, which again will save you time and money. That’s what it’s all about, right?

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