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We get asked a lot of questions. And there's a lot that don't get asked. If you want to know anything about Corporate Relocation just give us a call, or send us an email. We'll get right back to you.

Q. When should I call the moving company?

A. The more lead-time you can give us, the more likely we will be able to meet your employee’s delivery schedule. We recommend four-six weeks notice. Our vast experience and expertise will help you save time and money by making sure every aspect of the move has been investigated, confirmed and scheduled.

Q. Why do need a relocation plan?

A. Corporate Relocation includes much more than just moving boxes from one location to another. Transfer of services, equipment breakdown and installation, employees belongings, classified records, medical samples. A professional relocation plan with a Certified Project Manager can make the difference in days and dollars.

Q. Do I need an estimate?

A. Yes! Every move is unique. It is very important to have MyOffice arrange for a pre-move survey as soon as possible. This survey is needed to determine the approximate cost of the move and the van space your employee’s goods will occupy. A written estimate/order for service will be provided to you or your employee.

Q. How are household goods and personal items insured during transit?

A. Industry regulation requires carrier's liability at $.60 per pound per item. Additional coverage is available on a per quote basis. Details will be covered by the MyOffice representative, or your corporate policy, prior to the actual move.

Q. How are moving charges calculated?

A. When origin and destination facilities are no more than 50 miles apart, charges are calculated on the number of moving personnel (supervisors, drivers and movers), equipment, and the amount of time needed for the move (including travel time).

Q. What time will the move start?

A. We're flexible. Normal move dates are Monday through Friday. Requested dates for Saturday could result in overtime charges.

Q. How long will it take to move my employee’s goods?

A. A typical household shipment will require one day to pack, one day to load and the delivery will require a spread of dates that are determined by the weight and distance of the shipment. The MyOffice representative will give you or your employee an estimated delivery spread once they have completed their pre-move survey.

Q. How does the driver keep track of goods?

A. All items in your employee’s home will be inventoried on load day. Items are numbered and a brief description of the condition is listed on the inventory sheet. On delivery, your employee will check off each corresponding number as the items enter their home.

Q. What can I expect upon delivery?

A. Upon arrival at destination, the driver will provide your employee with an "Inventory Check-Off List". Each item is checked off as it is delivered. Any loss or damage is noted on the driver's copy in the section called "Exceptions on Delivery". These observations will serve to substantiate a claim should you or your employee have reason to submit one.

Q. How will the movers handle moving appliances?

A. MyOffice contracts with a third party service company to disconnect, prepare items for shipment and reconnect appliances at destination.

Q. How are large paintings and other artwork protected during transit?

A. MyOffice contracts with a third party service company to build individual crates to protect these types of items. Your MyOffice representative will obtain the dimensions of these items during the pre-move survey. Crates are built at residence. The third party service company will also be responsible to uncrate items at destination.

Q. How do you protect the items being relocated?

A. Each moving van is equipped with moving pads, shrink-wrap, and decking bars allowing your shipment to be properly wrapped, strapped and secured before transit.

Q. What size truck will you use?

A. We will assign the right equipment, be it tractor-trailer or bobtail, based on estimated weight and accessibility of residence at origin and destination.

Q. How many men will you have on our move?

A. Size of crew is determined by the estimated weight of the shipment from the pre-move survey.

Q. Will we need to be present during the entire move?

A. A corporate authorized representative must be present at both origin and destination to answer any questions that may occur during the move and sign inventory sheets for liability purposes.

Q. Can possessions be stored temporarily?

A. If your employee is unable to take possession of their new residence, their goods will be placed in storage. There will be an additional charge for daily storage, warehouse handling, final delivery charges and valuation/insurance on the shipment. Please advise your MyOffice representative if you think your employee might require storage.

“When you want it done right and with total customer satisfaction, MyOffice is the company to call. They get it done quickly, efficiently cost effectively and with the best crew we have worked with. There is no one else we would call.” 
- Manager of Facilities, Operations and Human Resources
Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky & Popeo, P.C

 “I wanted to thank you for locating the movers for us. They were great! They were here by 7AM and out by 2:30 PM. They quickly got to work after letting them know what needed to be done and were very accommodating to our requests. Everything was moved and relocated just where we wanted. Thanks again!”

Division Administrative Assistant,


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