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Warehousing, Storage & Inventory Management

A warehouse facility that stands solid and secure, keeping your assets in good condition, is a given at MyOffice. It is activity within that stands out. Accurate inventories, ready access, and careful handling allow us to respond at a moments notice when you need to put your assets to work. We receive it, account for it, inspect it, store it, pull it & deliver it when you need it.  Whether you need short term storage due to construction or project delays or would like to utilize your assets to make on going moves, adds & changes and have a need for a detailed inventory of your assets in storage, we can help.

Whether you need to ship your items to a secure facility for order consolidation, need short or long term storage, need to keep a detailed accurate inventory of your parts and pieces, we can help.

Services Include

  • Asset Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Long & Short Term Storage
  • Receive & Deliver Orders
  • Consolidate Deliveries
  • Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
  • 3rd Part Logistics
  • Commercial, Residential, Retail, Industrial & Institutional

Process Overview


Schedule a delivery time and we will be ready to expertly receive your items at our dock. We will do a visual inspection of every pallet and box to look for any shipping damage, we will then verify the accuracy of the shipping documents to the order received, then tag it and prep your items for storage. You will receive notification that your order has arrived within 24 hours with an email containing the receiving paperwork, shipment status update and if any damages were noted, a detailed account of what was damaged along with a digital photo of the items in question. 


Once received and tagged, we will move your items into the MyOffice storage solutions location in our warehouse to fit your needs. Utilizing the multiple storage options of vault, bay, pallet, floor or trailer storage choices, we will put your items into our warehouse in a manner which provides you with the solution you need for product access, short or long term storage solutions. Every items is tagged and managed to include easy access capabilities and reliability to know you can get what you need when you need it. Alarmed, fire sprinkler systems, secure and safe storage solutions for all of your warehouse management and storage needs.


Need to put your assets to work, let us help. MyOffice has been providing professional “white glove” delivery services for the past 20 years. If you need a large volume of product on site a a particular time or just need a single piece, we can make it happen. With a fleet of trucks, experienced drivers and a fleet of delivery trucks, we will get it to you safe, secure and on time, let us know how we can help.

Asset Management

Do you need more than the basic receiving, delivery and storage solution?  We can help! MyOffice specializes in FF & E and Office Furniture Systems inventories. We understand the need to know the precise detail of every part, piece, finish and condition of your assets and new FF & E shipments. Upon receiving your product, we will complete a detailed inventory, sort and separate all items, provide digital photos, organize your reports and then place the items into storage in a way which allows us to pull, deliver and restock inventory into your customized storage solution system, allowing you the piece of mind that you know what is in the warehouse and available to deliver to you at as you need it.


Other Services from MyOffice

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“Thank you.  I have to say it has and will continue to be, a pleasure to work with you.  You have accomplished these first jobs above and beyond my expectations.  I greatly appreciate it.  The photos of the whole project at the end is an awesome service.  Great job! Thank you.”
-Senior Project Manager,
Keller Group Inc.


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