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Should You Call in the Pros for Your Next Office Move?

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Business expansion is one of the biggest challenges facing today’s business owners – and it’s an inevitable conclusion if your business is growing as planned. Companies face these challenges daily – the need to grow or expand your current location, opening a new branch elsewhere or even moving the home office to a bigger, more expansive location. Moving an office is a potential problem in and of itself, and management often despises the thought of relocation due to the disruption and disorganization that often inevitably follows. In order to move an office successfully without unnecessary interruption to the daily flow of business, business owners and management should organize the move effectively and carefully weigh out all of their options.

Step One: Hire a Professional

Believe it or not, there are professionals out there, like MyOffice, who specialize in office relocation or expansion – and these experts know how to make the process flow smoothly with as little hassle as possible throughout. These relocation specialists understand the process of moving in great detail, and they’re able to organize the process effectively while minimizing disorganization as much as possible. The employees of the business need to retain the ability to do their jobs without having to worry about the relocation process and all the changes it brings, and management has their hands tied with other responsibilities aside from the moving process.

In order to make the relocation flow together as seamlessly as possible, a delegation from management should work with the relocation experts to come up with a workable and realistic budget as well as an organizational plan to keep the process moving forward, while simultaneously planning for any hiccups and unforeseen issues that may arise. The professionals that are hired specifically for the moving process should be able to keep the move documented and organized, while finalizing any plans prior to putting them into place. These teams are able to provide detailed information on what will be required to make the move an effective one, including a proposed moving budget and any/all equipment and manpower necessary to make the move as realistic and painless as possible.

Step Two: Careful Planning and Consideration

Professional relocation teams know what is required to relocate an office with as little disruption to the everyday workflow as possible. They will work with management to determine what the office already has in place – and what is needed in the new location. The key to an essential relocation plan is foresight and planning prior to ever sending the first shipment of supplies. The team that you hire can not only find the right location for your new office, but they can also implement the plans for specific designs within your new office. They can set up the layout for your new location with relative ease – a task that could give regular management a headache of epic proportions.

They will also take care of the need to put your current location up for lease/rent, and they will handle all of the incidentals that often get put off or forgotten until after the move is complete. Negations become important in giving your company the extra financial boost necessary to complete the move without additional strain on your company’s bottom line. There are certain aspects of the business you definitely don’t want to put aside. 

Step Three: Planning your Shipping Needs

Shipping your office supplies and equipment can often be a pricey endeavor, and the company you hire for your relocation services can also come into play here as well. They can negotiate pricing with the best shipping companies in the market, and will ensure that your items, equipment (think about all the computers!) and supplies will be delivered on time and safe from any residual damage sustained throughout the moving process. Your relocation specialists will take point on all of your moving needs, and work with the companies that they hire to guarantee a successful relocation with little to no stress to your company – or your company’s bottom line.

Step Four: Keeping Profits High by Minimizing Disruption

One of the biggest hurdles in a business owner’s path when it comes to relocation is the disruption in their regular work-flow and a potential hit to profits. This hurdle is important enough that it keeps a lot of companies where they are – even when they have far outgrown their current locations. This is one of the key reasons that hiring a professional relocation expert is the right way to approach your move. They are highly trained and experienced in the field of office relocation, and they’re able to keep your business running smoothly despite the hurdles that most companies inevitably face while moving.

Owners and managers get to dictate the process and lay out careful plans for what they want to see happen. By communicating these needs and plans to a professional relocation company and then letting the specialists handle the move, business can continue as normal. The problems associated with moving are now the specialty of your moving professional, and you can keep your mind focused on the task at hand – keeping your business running as normal, with as little disruption to your daily schedule as possible throughout the process.

If you’re planning on relocating your office or company within the next 9-18 months, contact MyOffice for a free consultation. Let us show you exactly how we can help you save time, money and stress.

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