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Sound Masking - Evade Office Noise and Distraction

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Current workplace trends are all leading in the same direction: Collaboration yields results. For this reason the single cubicle lay out is being altered to accommodate for people to sit next to each other at an open desk to work with a high possibility of collaborating with co-workers. We have all known that two brains are smarter than one but apparently it took companies until now to start implementing this theory in a way to promote working together to increase ROI.

With all of the positive benefits of open workspaces full of people collaborating, there are also some negative effects. Recent studies show that 85% of offices are not designed to address speech noise distraction issues because of lack of awareness. Continually, case studies conducted with five major corporations show that 71% of employees rated open plan speech distraction as their biggest work place frustration. The number one issue for employees working in various facilities is open plan speech noise distractions and overhearing distracting conversations.

We understand that open workspaces and collaboration is increasing productivity and yielding positive results for companies around the world yet the biggest distraction is the open plan speech noise. Sound-Masking can solve this problem.

Sound-Masking is electronically generated, unobtrusive ambient sound that is tuned to work in harmony with other acoustical factors such as ceilings, furniture, and walls. It is the ONLY acoustical treatment that addresses all sound paths. When sound-masking is added to an open office space, you are essentially tripling the distance between co-workers. This is crucial in reducing conversational distractions and increasing worker concentration, productivity, accuracy and satisfaction. It can also add an element of privacy in an open workspace.

Reducing distractions, increasing productivity, concentration, and privacy? How? Sound-masking speakers are installed above suspended ceilings and employees will not be able to discern where the masking sound is coming from. It ABSORBS sound with acoustical ceilings, panels, baffles and floor coverings and BLOCKS sounds including but not limited to the possibility of overhearing distracting conversations.

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