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MyOffice Definition of Success

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How we define success at MyOffice is simple. Hold up one hand. Start at your thumb and follow along.

1.       Happy Customers

Yup, that’s YOU. At MyOffice we want you to be happy. Our job is to make our customer look good by providing a valuable service and a job well done. In our staff meeting last week we dissected why we are all here working for this company. Within each of us we found a similar trait of wanting to take care of our customers. This is why we are successful. Our team is complete with people who genuinely care about each customer and completing the job successfully. We care about you, your needs, your company and wanting to make you look good.

2.       Happy Team

MyOffice has been in business for over 25 years now. We have had quite a bit of change and a variety of different people coming in and out of our office doors. The team that we have on board now can be noted as the best. With continuous positive results from customers, our team is happy and working hard. Keeping our team is happy is complete with monthly BBQ’s, Kudos Raffles, Opportunities to learn and grow, Benefits, and most importantly an underlying feeling of trust and appreciation between one another. We were recently voted Top 10 Coolest Companies to Work For in San Diego because of the friendly and trusting environment that we have built here.

3.       Revenue

With any business, it is important to make an income from our business activity. This is possible because of the help from each department. Marketing to create leads, Sales to follow up on leads, Operations to complete the projects and Finance to process the rest. Revenue is a result of the amazing service, team, and products we have. Revenue is the result of our goal of helping our customers and making them look good!

4.       Margin

Once our Margin is hit, our bills are paid, our staff is paid and the rest is profit. This is very important for the growth of any company. When we are making a profit, we are creating more opportunities for our company and team. In order to continue to grow in size, capabilities, and benefits, hitting our margin is essential!

5.       Cash in the Bank 

The continual and systematic flow of business defines cash in the back. We are getting work, doing it right, invoicing on time and getting paid in a timely manner. When the system is flowing and cash is in the bank, the business is successfully functioning. This type of automatic and smooth functioning can be hard to maintain but achievable through good relationships with our customers and our team.

Being a successful company is our goal and we are very happy with our progress towards continuing our growth and success. Everything we do is aligned with our Company Values that can be found on our website. We are a company united by hard work and positive attitudes who want to help your company through its business transition! If you’re planning any projects that involve an office move or relocation, acquiring furniture, installing furniture, voice and data cabling, audio visual, phone systems, access control or security systems, we are here for you!


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