Distance Your Staff with an Office Furniture Reconfiguration

Reconfiguration your Office Furniture to Keep your Staff Safe

Businesses are slowly opening in all parts of the country and businesses are implementing strategies to keep their staff safe. Reconfiguring your office layout can encourage employees to be 6 feet apart from one another. Health officials recommend a 6′ distance between people to minimize the spread of germs and viruses. In addition to health and safety, changing the format of your office space may have other benefits.

Reorganizing office furniture at your facility may help:
• optimize work and traffic flow,
• boost employee morale with a new environment,
• alleviate the cost of purchasing new office furniture.
MyOffice can help you plan and reconfigure your workspace to get the best possible layout for safety, efficiency, and aesthetics!

Bring employees back to a safe workspace

New strategies for a post-COVID workspace

Modular Furniture is a Great Choice

Modular furniture can be easily reconfigured to meet your office needs. During a pandemic, being able to adapt to new regulations is necessary for your business to get through the crisis.

Our Mission

From concept to completion, we provide full-service and resources to transform your workplaces.  We can install new office furniture or reconfiguring existing furniture. We are a diverse team of experts committed to helping you minimize disruptions, manage complex restrictions, and design multi-faceted solutions for your office.

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