At MyOffice, with our Gold Star Guarantee your satisfaction is guaranteed or we will pay you $1,000.

The MyOffice Gold Star Guarantee is based on a simple principle

You deserve to have work done professionally and to your satisfaction!  So, we’re putting cold hard cash on the line with our Gold Star Guarantee and guaranteeing your satisfaction.

We Depend On Your Ratings

After we perform the services you’ve hired us for, we’ll ask for your rating at the bottom of our daily Service Order. If our score on your survey does not equal at least an 8 out of 10 points, we’re not satisfied.

We’ll Make It Right

We’ll ask you how we can fix the situation to earn at least an 8, if not a perfect 10.  If we don’t come up with a satisfactory solution to your situation within a week of learning about it, we’ll pay you $1,000*. It’s as simple as that!

*Limitation of 10% of the total revenue of a project up to $1,000.

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