Improve Company Culture Through Office Design With the Help of MyOffice, San Diego Commercial Relocation Services

Having a healthy company culture is key to having a successful business.

 Many assume that healthy company cultures are achieved solely through work-life balance and good benefits. Although these are important factors, they are not the only factors. In fact, office design plays a large role in improving company culture. Business owner Jeremy Goldman recently wrote an article on inc.comexplaining how office design can improve company culture with these five steps.

1. Altering Atmosphere: Goldman writes that simply eliminating background noise and clutter can help increase employee focus. Concentration is crucial when it comes to working efficiently. Eliminating distracting noises with the help of MyOffice’s sound masking services can increase employee focus by 40%.

2. In-Depth Evaluation: It’s important to take a step back and look closely at the working environment of a business. Goldman suggests to look at the layout everything in an office from employees to furniture to social areas. A layout that works for one company may not work for your company, so business owners need take the time to really think about how the layout of their office is affecting the workplace.

3. Collaborative Environments: Does your company work in teams? Then Goldman suggests creating “pods” in your office. If company teams are grouped together, they are more likely to communicate and work together than if they were isolated.

4. Themed Spaces: Goldman writes that having breakout rooms help employees escape from their desk and enter into a different environment, which can actually help increase creative thinking and brainstorming. You don’t need an elaborate game room to achieve this. Simply creating a space for employees to relax can achieve this goal.

5. Asking Employees: If you are looking to improve company culture, a good place to start is with the employees that make up your company. When employees are unhappy, they are not motivated to work above and beyond. Studies show that happy employees work harder and have higher productivity rates.

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