San Diego Network Services

San Diego Network Services

MyOffice is pleased to announce the expansion of our full-service facility and IT products & services capabilities, to include high-level Network Technical Consulting Services added to our Structured Cabling offering. The services provided by our PMI-certified IT Project Manager and Sr. Network Engineer include:

Network Architecture

Our Network Engineering team can evaluate your existing vlan and routing architecture to understand your needs. We can design a new or update your existing layer 2 / layer 3 networks to consolidate redundancy, routing convergence, access control and routing domain segmentation. We are able to formulate a migration plan to minimize downtime.

Routing and Switching

We can deploy and configure LAN and Data Center switches. We can also configure redundancy, high availability, stacking, and loop prevention. We have the ability to optimize and test dynamic routing protocols and integrate devices with TACACS servers for administrative control.

Access Control

Our team can deploy and configure Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) servers, determine ISE access control policy for 802.1X RADIUS authentication and configure ISE access control policy in wired monitor/open mode. We also have the ability to configure ISE for device administration (TACACS). We have experience in working with customers on configuring test endpoints for authentication (via GPO) and identifying other non-managed devices.

Software Defined Access

We can deploy and configure single-node or 3-node cluster Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA Center) and integration with Cisco ISE servers. We can configure Fabric border, control, and edge nodes using DNA automation as well as configure underlay and overlay networks using DNA Center. We have experience is configuring fabric sites, floors, etc. with virtual networks, IP pools, and other necessary networking constructs, as well as the ability to configure SD-Access fabric with external access to internet and data center resources.

Wireless Access

We have the capability to survey a client’s premises to optimize access point placement. We can configure access points for optimal band and channel settings, configure client’s SSIDs and integrate with RADIUS servers for 802.1X authentication.

Tracing / Running Patch Cables

Our team can verify patch cables in a data center by physically tracing cables. In addition, our team can also run-in patch cables post move to alleviate the amount of time it takes to run in cables.

Port Mapping

Our IT team is familiar with port mapping protocols. We will thoroughly inventory each piece of equipment and note on a spreadsheet the source and destination of the physical cables. Port Mapping ensures that equipment is connected exactly the way it was prior to leaving the data center.

AP Heat Maps

We have the ability to run sophisticated software and heat map a new or existing area for correct placements of Wireless Access Points. We take into consideration the coverage, signal strength, and redundancy in our final report.

Elevation Designs and Layouts

Our design team can provide illustrative drawings in Visio of a new or existing data center. We have the ability to do full height elevation drawings for cabinets or racks. This helps ensure that all cabinets and racks will fit and there is proper room around the cabinets.

Data Center Automation

We can deploy and configure single-node or 3-node cluster Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and integration with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) servers. We can configure Fabric Border, Leaf and Spine Nodes, and security policies using an integrated approach. We can also integrate Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) with Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) in order to extend the virtual networks between both.

Data Center Relocation / Migrations

Our team can move or migrate equipment to another physical building or to a colocation. We would come up with a detail plan to facilitate a move. We would work on a migration plan and provide support pre- and post-move. This could include project management for the entire relocation / migration.

Technical Project Management

Our IT Project Manager team is certified with PMI and they have a PMP certification. They are well versed in pulling all the components under a single point-of-contact. Our project management team will coordinate meetings between relevant stakeholders, develop Gantt Charts, create Visio timelines, and track activities. They can also coordinate activities with Change Control Management for any downtime or off-hours work.