San Diego Post Commercial Moving Service


San Diego Post Commercial Moving
You have successfully moved your items to a new location; however, your work is not done. Moving is just Part 1. Part 2 is unpacking and setting up the new work space so it’s ready for business. It’s important to unpacking and reconfigure promptly to avoid lost revenue. Luckily, help is just a phone call away. MyOffice offers San Diego Post Commercial Moving Services.

Post Move Services

Once the boxes, furniture, and equipment have been unloaded, we can start to work. Every business is different and may need help in different areas. Typical jobs we do include:

  1. Unpacking & Removing Boxes
    The first order of business is to unpack boxes. Cardboard boxes are easy to unpack but more hands make light work. Crates and fragile boxes require more attention to unpack. For heavy items, it’s always good to have extra hands to help move items to their designated locations. Once items are unpacked, we can collapse and remove the empty boxes. Removing boxes promptly gives you more space to organize your office and business furniture.
  1. Rugs & Furniture
    The next order of business is to unroll rugs and flooring so that furniture can be moved to their appropriate locations. The MyOffice Team can move large or heavy furniture easily because this is what we do every day. Don’t injure yourself trying to reorganize the entire business by yourself.
  1. Appliances, Computers, Decorations
    Once the large items are in place, we can help set up appliances and plug-in computers. We can mount pictures and arrange office decor according to your preferences.
  1. Touch Ups & Clean Up
    After a major relocation, there’s going to be some blemishes which need to be repaired, fixed, or cleaned. We can do small patch and paint jobs, replace burnt-out light bulbs and wipe down surfaces so you can open your doors with pride.
  1. Haul Out & Disposal
    Lastly, we can remove items that are no longer needed. This could be packing supplies, unwanted furniture, or abandoned items from previous occupants. Haul out services is important because you don’t want to overfilling your own garbage can. Depending on your preferences, we can sell, donate, recycle, or dispose of unwanted items.
  1. Save Time
    One major benefit of having San Diego Post Commercial Moving Service is that you save time. By hiring the MyOffice Team for post moving services, you will be able to resume business sooner and minimize down time. Our job isn’t finished until your business is up and running again. Contact MyOffice for more information: 858.210.4029.