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Sound Masking

Why Is Sound Masking Important?

By deploying a sound masking strategy in your office environment, you’ll cut down on distractions, noise and most importantly, maintain a highly productive work space for your employees. Sound masking technology can and will save a company money due to increased productivity, higher levels of concentration and increased speech privacy among employees.

New, LEED certified and Green construction presents new acoustical challenges that can be completely solved with our sound masking technology. Whether it’s an office of 10 or 10,000, we have the ability to transform your office environment into an all-around better place to work.

Did you know that adding sound masking to an open office space is the acoustical equivalent to tripling the space between workers? Imagine the morale boost for your employees, who are now able to complete work with higher standards in a timely manner.

How Is Sound Masking Installed?

Due to our extensive experience in the sound masking field, we’re able to install sound masking speakers in such a way that a person cannot discern where the masking sounds are emanating from. They are above the ceiling grid so aesthetically not an issue. If you have an open ceiling concept building or floor, the speakers can be painted to match your environment.

Our sound masking speakers, depending on what the best fit for your office is, can be installed in a variety of fashions, including above suspended ceilings, below raised access floors and even in open structure. With our ability to customize sound masking technology to fit any office environment, we’ll always be prepared to use an optimal strategy for your unique situation.

What Are The Benefits of Sound Masking?

Studies have shown that one of the number one problems employees have in an office environment is noise distraction.

As we said above, there are many amazing benefits to sound masking, including but not limited to:

  1. Increased productivity throughout the masked environment
  2. Less distractions for your employees to get bogged down with.
  3. Less data entry errors due to increased concentration.
  4. Cut down on burn-out, fatigue, and general work stress that comes with noisy environments.
  5. Ensuring privacy behind closed doors, conferences and other confidential areas.

Sound Masking Services

Networked Sound Masking Systems – For ultimate control and the most flexible options, networked sound masking solutions are the way to go. Using standard network hardware and a few easy-to-use components, this option gives the most control over your systems.

Centralized Sound Masking Systems – Though lacking some of the features and control of a networked system, centralized sound masking has been the solid, go-to system for the last 40 years. Quite simply, it works, and it works well.

Distributed Sound Masking Systems – This type of system doesn’t required networked or centralized front-end equipment, making it a practical and affordable approach for your office. Typically, distributed systems consist of one or a few speakers which are self-contained systems.

Eavesdropping Protection Systems – Many companies and firms require top-notch security and protection against deliberate and intentional attempts to eavesdrop on private meetings and conversations. For more than three decades, we have lead the field in audio surveillance countermeasures.

MyOffice specializes in converting your office to an optimal acoustical environment which preserves the integrity of private conversations and breathes new life into your workforce by providing a refreshing, distraction-free office atmosphere.


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