San Diego Sound Masking


As an increasing number of companies are adopting open spaces, for example clearing out cubicle walls to create collaborative workspaces, the pressure is on to maintain privacy and productivity. That’s why MyOffice provides customized San Diego sound masking technologies to help overcome acoustical challenges in your office environment.

Sound masking reduces distracting noises by emitting soft, subtle ambient background sounds through the use of strategically installed speakers, usually in the ceiling. The ambient sound muffles conversations and other noisy distractions to create a more focused, productive workspace for employees. Want to learn more about sound masking technology and how it works, please see our Sound Masking Explained summary to learn more.

Whether you have made proactive decisions about your workspace environment that allows greater sound travel, or your workspace is a mixed-use environment that can create sound travel challenges, we have solutions to mitigate these concerns. Discover what effective sound masking can do for your office environment and your bottom line.

With MyOffice, we’ll put together a sound masking plan for your office that offers superior sound control capabilities. Contact us today for a consultation.

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