MyOffice Specializes in Managed IT Support and Commercial Relocation in San Diego!

At MyOffice, we specialize in IT installation and relocation services.

Recently, MyOffice worked with Nortek, a securities and control business. Considering the nature of Nortek’s business, the IT move was a critical piece of their transition into a new space.

The MyOffice IT team helped with the physical equipment relocation, disconnect and reconnect of systems, cable management, and monitor installation.

Since we launched our Managed IT services at MyOffice, we have been helping companies with their IT infrastructure. On this project, we were able to utilize that team to also assist with testing and Help Desk support to get all of their desktops up and functioning properly. This saved their IT team a significant amount of time and energy, allowing them to work on more important tasks.

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A Look Into Another MyOffice Service: Sound Masking Installation

Office spaces are becoming more open everyday, which can lead to great collaboration, but can also lead to noisy, distracting work environments. If you find yourself becoming distracted by conversations overhead in the office, MyOffice can help with a technology called Sound Masking. 

Sound Masking is electronically generated and indiscernible, ambient sound that plays through speakers. This technology is installed into office spaces to reduce distracting noise. This technology literally masks distracting noises by matching the sound level of speech and other noises typical to an office.

When sound masking is added to an open office space, you are essentially tripling the distance between co-workers. This is crucial in reducing conversational distractions and increasing worker concentration, productivity, accuracy and satisfaction. It can also add an element of privacy in an open

Benefits of Sound Masking

After doing case studies in open office plans, closed offices, meeting rooms, call centers, and more- here are the results we compiled:
1. Focus improved: 40%
2. Distractions reduced: 51%
3. Stress reduced: 27%
4. Error rates reduced: 10%
5. Productivity increased: 10-40%

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